Hello All. Here’s an update about the 179 bus service.

As discussed at the public meeting at the TRC in January, BANES can only deliver a good, permanent future bus service through Tunley if they have evidence that people want it and will use it. That sounds obvious, but at the moment there’s a lot of folklore and opinion about that and not much hard data.

So a quick, simple survey is being delivered to houses along the whole 179 route to try to gather that evidence. You should see it soon through your letterbox.

However, you don’t have to wait for the paper copy to arrive to take part. If you ask your favourite internet search engine for “BANES Rural Transport Group Travel Survey” you should find a link to allow you to complete it on line as soon as you like.  Here’s the link to cut and paste into your favourite browser if you prefer:

It’s better if as many people as possible complete the survey on line as it makes the job of analysing the results easier.

Do go and have a look at it, and let others know.

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