3 thoughts on “The Batch (latest edition)”

  1. In the latest edition of The Batch, the Churchwarden has asked that we “keep praying” for the right person to become the new Associate Priest.

    I must confess that I haven’t yet begun to pray but intend to get started without further delay.

    To help me, could the Churchwarden offer a definition of the “right person” and perhaps more importantly the “wrong person” for this important role?

    I’m sure that will help me.

    1. Hello Cyber Bob,

      Many thanks for your comment.

      I’m not sure defining the wrong person would help much; it may be more useful to think about what sort of person would meet the needs of the parish for the next few years.

      In brief, what we believe we need just now is someone who, in addition to being a person who loves God and his people and who will make church services attractive to those who want them, will be a visible presence in the community, helping the church to reach out, will be happy to involve children/teenagers in the life of the church as they grow up and will encourage adult involvement, too. Someone with compassion, imagination, flexibility, an understanding of village life and a willingness to get involved in it; an inspiring leader, a team player, a good listener…

      … all this (and more) from someone who is obliged to work for only two and a half days a week (including Sundays), who is responsible for Camerton as well as Dunkerton/Tunley/Withyditch, and who is expected to play a part in the wider benefice, which includes Timsbury and Priston.

      It’s a big ask, but that won’t stop us from asking and we are very grateful for your prayers. If you would like to help in any other way or would like more information, please let me know.

      Charlotte de Grey

  2. I would like to comment on Cllr Orme’s piece “Parish Council Chairman’s Report” in the latest edition of The Batch.

    On page 5, para 3, he feels it necessary to brow-beat the residents of the parish by saying “we will have to do more ourselves” and that this does “NOT mean the Parish Council is going to fill all the gaps and do it all for you”.

    May I remind Cllr Orme that Council Tax bills for all residents rose this coming year and included a 6% rise in the precept.

    So, our bills increase and at the same time, we are told that we have to do more on a voluntary basis if we wish to have tasks completed that should be covered by those taxes.

    Pay more, get less.

    Reading further, on the same page, we are then told that trees were planted too close to the cricket pitch, that the cricket club were not consulted, that (for reasons that were not given) the trees would not be relocated and that the cricket club would be informed in due course.

    So after years of laying dormant, someone finally agrees to take on and use the pitch for the reason it was created. And what do they get? A huge googly before the first coin is tossed and the prospect of a conifer at silly-mid-off.

    And as for boundary fence volunteers, perhaps I should point out that, unsurprisingly, not everyone who lives in the Parish has either the skills or equipment required to complete such a task. Moreover, if such people do exist they must be known to you so why not just approach them directly instead of taking the opportunity to scold the rest of us?

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