First Sunday: 10.00 Dunk@10 (family service), Dunkerton

Second Sunday: 10.00 Holy Communion, Camerton

Third Sunday: 10.00 Holy Communion, Dunkerton

Fourth Sunday: 10.00 Holy Communion, Camerton

Good news: we’re going to be back in church on the first and third Sundays of the month at 10am, from March 7th onwards. 
On the second and fourth Sundays at 10am, we’ve been invited to share in the worship at St. Peter’s, Camerton, and we hope that our brothers and sisters from St. Peter’s will join us on the Dunkerton Sundays.
The first Sunday each month will be “Dunk@10” – our child and family-friendly time of worship. The third Sunday will be a simple service of Holy Communion.

This pattern of worship will probably last for a few months at least. However, as soon as the restrictions are lifted significantly, we hope to go back to the way things were with a weekly service at Dunkerton.
We’re still hoping to observe Holy Week and Easter in a special way, with the possibility of something happening on Good Friday – maybe outside if the weather permits. Please watch this space!

Rev. Tony Roake
Associate Priest
Benefice of Timsbury, Priston, Camerton & Dunkerton
01761 470249

If you would like to be added to a list of people who receive information about church services etc by email (directly rather than via the website), please send me an email with a message giving permission for your address to be added to our mailing list.

Charlotte de Grey
Churchwarden, All Saints’ Church
07710 403483

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