Women’s Institute

Since our last meeting in February, Dunkerton WI  has been active in several fields.
Following the defeat in the County Federation skittles league, a social skittles evening was held at Peasedown Cricket Club which led to some fiercely contested bowling.
The craft group has been busy knitting jumpers for children in a village in Thailand, which is supported by a local resident who will be taking them with him next time he visits. It is good to know that this project is being done for a specific purpose.
Business matters were discussed including arrangements for future events and not content with just singing Jerusalem, a rendition of Happy Birthday was sung to the three people celebrating their birthdays this month.
Our speaker was Frances Keneally from Children’s Hospice South West, in particular the work being done at Charlton Farm at Wraxall which was opened in 2007.
The first children’s hospice was opened in Devon in 1995 and a third in Cornwall in 2012.
Frances gave an illustrated talk on the facilities offered and the people who are able to benefit and explained about the amount of charitable work that is undertaken to fund this valuable facility.
Our next meeting will be at Tunley on 14th April when Jutta Blumenthal will be talking about natural health techniques.