4 thoughts on “Dunkerton Green proposals”

  1. Surely a better looking table could be found, one which is more in keeping with it’s rural setting.
    The vegetation on the lane side of Manders Orchard is still obstructing clear views of traffic coming from Peasedown.

  2. I cannot believe that anyone would propose a play area for children in such an unsuitable place (by the telephone box). Cars and heavy vehicles drive close by and often touching this bit of green, surely the safety of young children should come first. Why not have what is being proposed if to go anywhere in The Manders Orchard amongst the trees, being a closed in area it would be a lot safer. We all know children like to run around even when told not to, let’s not make them a target for such a disaster that could happen.
    Karen Killpartrick (copied from comment on Timsbury Post Office post, but relevant here)

    1. As children already play here, it would be nice to make it a little more appealing. In terms of safety, parents would be supervising younger children anyway.

      1. 1. Why not have it at The Manders Orchard? It’s safer and has more space.
        2. Before considering a further area which would need to be kept maintained, should the group show they can maintain The Orchard first as it really hasn’t been looked after.

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