Sadly, it looks as though the time has come to say goodbye to The Batch, which has delivered news to every house in Dunkerton, Tunley and Withyditch for the last 12 years, as no editor has come forward. The question is: how can we best communicate as widely and inclusively in the future? We need your views and suggestions. Currently we have the Dunkerton WhatsApp group, Tunley Talks Facebook group, D&TPC Facebook page and Dunkerton website but these all reach different groups and none of them reach people who are not digitally connected. Please air your views via whichever group you are reading this on, or by email to batchcopy@gmail.com. Views will be monitored by members of the Batch Management Committee for discussion.

Want to Improve Travel to and from Bath? Your Views Wanted.

BANES Council is consulting on the Bath Transport Delivery Plan.  While its name suggests it is about Bath it is important to the parish as it’s about improving transport provision for people travelling into Bath from rural areas like ours’

The deadline for responses to the consultation is 1 March.

The parish council would urge parishioners to respond to make sure that your public and private transport needs for getting In and out of Bath are considered.

The consultation can be found at